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The city is warm because of love

In Nanjing, a congee store located in Zhujiang Road received two orders. One customer spent 458 yuan ordering 50 red heart yam congee, specially note: "Be sure to give sanitation workers snowing along the road."

The same happened in Nanjing, a takeaway brother in Jiangning District, Ssangyong Boulevard near the pick up a single, a customer suddenly ordered 50 meals, note the message: "Do not send to me on the road sanitation workers to see them It's fine. "

Or took place in Nanjing, Kirin tram station site also received a horse-drawn take-away orders - 15 cups of steaming milk tea, the order notes "Please do a little hot, to the horse-rail tram staff Thank you for their hard work and our trip. "

Continuous warm heart move has been reported by the media, sparking a wide range of Internet users hot. This society, there will always be some unknown ordinary people touched us and warm this winter. May the warmth pass down all the way, and may I have a good feeling of permanent presence, that we may all be gentle with the people around us.