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The famous martial arts novelist Jin Yong passed away...

This fall, the martial arts novels Jin Yong, the famous mouth Li Wei, the cross-talk performance artist Shi Shengjie, the violin master Sheng China, the famous physicist Yan Nai Ben died one after another...they are far away, but the art left behind Thoughts will accompany us to move on. Life is impermanent, gathering for a while, and cherishing tribute together.

There are always so many people in life, some scenery, it’s too late to appreciate when it’s gone. Some love, you haven’t had time to say it, you’ve already gone away. Some stories have already ended before they have finished. It is.

Maybe people should learn to accept. If you can't change it, you must learn to adjust your mood, forget what you should forget, and stick to the collection. Life is not easy, and you need to cherish it.