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how to produce biscuit

As we all know,as one most popular snack,there are so many kinds of biscuit,such as hard biscuit,soft biscuit,soda biscuit,sandwich biscuit and so on.Also there are some famous brand,like Oreo,Garton,Danone,ect.But do you know how to produce biscuit?

Now,let me tell you the secret.

Actually,they are made by one fully automatic biscuit production line.

Maybe you still don't know what this mean.Now please see this picture.

From flour mix to packaging,this line can do it fully automatic.

This is the process of biscuits.

Now i think you may know some details about how to produce biscuit.

I have some videos about how to produce biscuit,if you want to know more,please contact me.

Thank you.