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how to manufacture biscuits

If you want to make biscuits(cookies) yourself at home, you just need to search the internet for the right steps, recipes, raw materials, etc., then buy the mold, and then you can make your own delicious biscuits.

But today our focus is on the method of industrial production of biscuits.

In fact, this is due to the wisdom of engineers,they invented the fully automatic biscuit production line,so the factory can produce biscuits in large quantities.

This fully automatic biscuit line has many advantages.

High efficiency, saving manpower, saving material resources, saving time and saving space...

The most important point is that it can fully complete the whole process from face to package.

Although the biscuits are fully automated by machine, the biscuits are still very delicious!

One machine of the whole biscuit production lines is called oil spary machine, which is the key to making biscuits delicious (of course, the recipe is also critical).

Ok,let's stop here, thank you for reading.

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