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how to make wafer biscuits

How to Make Wafer Biscuits?

First,prepare raw materials,flour,ice cream.

Second,flour mixer will mix the flour automaticly.

Third,wafer baking oven will form the flour into wafer biscuit chips

Fourth,wafer sheet cooling machine will make the wafer biscuit chips cool.

Fifth,cream spreading machine will spread the ice cream to every wafer biscuit chips.

Sixth,wafer biscuit cutting machine will cut the big wafer biscuit into small single wafer biscuit.

Finally,packing machine will pack the wafer biscuit into final product.

Below is the wafer biscuit process graphic solution.Hope this article can help you to know "how to make wafer biscuits"

All these step can finish by one fully automatic wafer biscuit production line.