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how biscuits are made

The method of handmade cookies is not described here, you can search online.

Next, I will tell you how the biscuits are made in the factory,Process of making biscuits in a factory.

In fact, biscuits are produced in batches from a fully automated biscuit production line.

First,Kneading flour machine(flour mixer),it is stirring machine which crumples up flour powder and water into dough or other materials and is independently used with other machines.

Second,biscuit roller is modle of biscuit you want to make,it will make the flour into biscuit.

Third,tunnel oven bake biscuits till them mature.

Fourth,oil spray machine,this step can make biscuit more delicious.

Fifth,cooling the biscuit.

Sixth,sandwich or packaging.if you want to make sandwich machine,then sandwich machine,if you don't make sandwich biscuit,then packaging machine.


That is whole process of biscuit in a factory.

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