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How automatic wafer biscuit equipment working

Batter mixer makes the batter for the system to produce the wafers. It will transfer the batter after mixed into the storage tub, and then transfer the batter by pump when the baking oven needs.

The baking oven is the most important machine in the whole wafer production line. It uses gas to heat the baking plates. It is controlled automatically from batter depositing on the plates until the wafer sheets come out of the oven after baked.The wafer sheets are baked evenly for next procedure. And there is one manual controlling cabinet to control the oven temperature.

The connecting machine conveys the baked wafer sheets to the cooer, and cleans the bubble at the same time.. Its smooth handling makes sure the hot wafer sheets that come out of the baking oven will not be damaged. All parts contacting with the food are made from SUS304Stainless steel and food-grade PU belt.

The wafer sheet cooler raises the wafer sheets to have an effect of natural cooling. This machine relieves heat stress applied on the wafer sheet during baking process. Unless the sheets are cooled smoothly, it tends to break even for a small impact during further processing of the wafers due to heat stress. This machine is also called stress-reliving machine. The cooler length can be improved according to the customer’s requirement.

The spreading machine is an important machine in the wafer line that determines the number of wafer sheets and cream layers required by the manufacturer. This machine has the following functions: to spread cream layer onto the pre-cooled wafer sheets evenly, to make the book of wafers sheets with different layers of cream and sheets, and then press the wafer sheets and cream layers together slightly. The numbers of cream layers and wafer layers can be adjusted as required as 2/3/4,3/4/5,5/6/7. The machine will count them automatically according to the adjustment. There is one device to control temperature automatically and constantly on the roller of filler. The layer thickness can be adjustable, too.

The cutting conveyor is used to convey the pressed wafer book into the cutting machine.

The cutting machine is used for cutting the wafer book filled with cream.  This machine is mechanically (not handled so that it can be adjusted softly through the machine. The direction changing to have longitudinal and cross can be done automatically. The parts contacting the food is made from SUS201 stainless steel.

This is a SUS201 stainless steel mixer to prepare the cream for the production. It consists of a beater- type mixing unit. It is driven by one 4.5 Kw motor and the turnover system that removesthe cream from the mixer is driven by one 0.55Kw motor. The mixing time is depending on the cream composition.

In the wafer line, there are some trimming and wastage from the cutting process that needs to be reused in order to minimize the overall wastage of wafer baking system that is about 2%. This equipment is used to grind the discarded wafer in to a reusable form. The ground material can be used as additive cream depending on the requirement. The smashing or grinding machine is constructed out of SUS201 Stainless Steel material to maintain hygiene of the reusable products. The grinding system is driven by a 3Kw China motor to have high power and efficiency.