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Hebei Saiheng Food Processing Equipment

As a global hot food,wafer biscuits has been active in various stores. From the raw material processing, pasta modulation, filling preparation, baking, smearing, dicing, packaging and other whole process, it can not be separated from the participation of processing machinery. Therefore, a good machine determines the taste and fineness of food processing. Food processing related to each consumer's food safety, food processing machinery manufacturing more need to improve the attitude.

In addition to the quality of food production, the criteria for evaluating a good or bad machine are whether it can reduce waste and maximize the use of raw materials. Hebei Saheng Food Processing Equipment Co., Ltd. has integrated the advanced structure of similar products in the world. It has successfully solved the problem of high production cost and large color difference in the production of wafer biscuits by using electric heating as the new generation of heat source.

Provide different sizes of machinery and meet the size of the different needs of manufacturers, ranging from 2-7 tons of daily output, it is fully able to adapt to different customers of the scale of production. Production line equipment, including the feeding system, automatic feeding, tunnel oven, send film machine, cooler machine, paint machine, slicer and other components, compact structure, good stability, become the ideal choice for the food industry equipment. Whether it is the whole purchase or a single purchase, I believe you can find a satisfactory machinery.

Product quality is the lifeline of the enterprise. Hebei Saheng for the pursuit of mechanical quality from the production workshop will be able to see clues, spacious factories, neat seats, standardized operation, to ensure that every piece from the workshop issued by the machinery and equipment, are not defective quality crafts. From the grinding, assembly, testing machine, each process has a follow-up to ensure that customers provide good quality of production equipment, but also from the source of the end consumer health on the heart.