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beginning of spring

Spring is the season people are looking forward to, and people always do their own things in this season. As the saying goes: "The plan of a year lies in the spring, and the plan of a day lies in the morning." It tells us that the wish of a year should be planned in the spring, the heaviest of the day in the morning is in the morning and in the spring, Transplant farming, planting trees and the like farming. Migratory birds also migrated from the south to the north to applaud the laborers working in the fields. Some birds stand tall trees, and some simply in the ridge, and others stand in the "music" on. It was just like this that the peasants in the fields were more than happy and everything was going lively.

In spring, animals wake up from their slumber. The grass began to sprout, showing a thriving scene everywhere on the earth. At a glance, everywhere is a green scene, like a watercolor.