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baking tunnel oven for all kinds of food

The oven includes drive drum,main drive and oven tension and tracking drum.

》Driving part:
Discharge height:900-1040mm Speed:10-20m/min Power:4kw 
Gross weight:2800kgs

》Tension part: 
Power:2.2KW Gross weight:2500kgs
1、The machine is heated with gas(LPG or natural gas).Rapid heating up and energy saving.
2、The oven is grouped into heat control zones. The top and bottom heat are independently adjustable and preset. The measured temperature and preset temperature will be displayed in digital form.
3、To allow independent movement of the chamber to relieve stresses when expanding or contracting.
4、High-quality thermal insulating material is used to get good insulation and efficient fuel usage.
5、Steelwork, ducts and chambers paint with high temperature (400゜C) silvery paint. Outer covers paint with hard finish gloss paint.
6、Oven steel band level:1100mm
7、Fully automatic PID temperature control and automatic constant temperature.
8、Highest temperature:360゜C 
9、Great control flexibility and prefect safety precautions. 
10、Available in Lengths from 30 to over 150 meters.
11、Programmable logic controllers (PLC) and touch-screen control system are used.
12、It can meet the technological requirements for production of different biscuits.