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automatic biscuit making machine price in China

The first thing that should be popularized is that there are seven basic models for the biscuit line, each of which has both electric and gas sources.

So when the customer asks how much the biscuit(cookie) line is, I really can't give you a price because I don't know which type of biscuit line you want, and which kind of power source biscuit line you want.

Actually,the price of the biscuit line is a trade secret, so if you are sincerely interested in buying it, you can make sure which type of biscuit line you need first, and then ask the details, don't ask how much is this biscuit line first.

Because if i tell you the price directly, you may feel "Oh,it's really expensive!" But when you understand the value of this biscuit line, you will feel that this biscuit line is "true value!"

If you would like to know more about the biscuit line, please contact us!