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wafer biscuit line making wafer biscuit process
As we all know,as one most popular snack,there are so many kinds of biscuit,such as hard biscuit,soft biscuit,soda biscuit,sandwich biscuit and so on.Also there are some famous brand,like Oreo,Garton,Danone,ect.But do you know how to produce biscuit?
If you want to set up one biscuit factory,but don't know how to start it and the cost of setting up a biscuit factory,come and have a look.
Most of people don't know the difference between cookies and biscuits,even think that cookies and biscuits are same.Now let's see the difference between cookies and biscuits.
biscuit process video,from flour mixer to packaging video
Everyone knows about biscuit,and we may eat biscuit everyday.But do you know the process of making biscuits in a factory?
you must know about wafer biscuit,there are chocolate wafer biscuit,ice cream wafer biscuit,normal wafer biscuit,but do you know "how to make wafer biscuits"?
Cookies and biscuit are very common in life,but most people don't know how biscuits are made.Now,i will tell you how biscuit are made.
This tunnel oven is composed of oven tunnel, mesh belt , belt driving system, chimney, electric heating pipes and control cabinet.
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